Pastoral Care

The Spirit of Caring…

The Pastoral Care Department of Munroe Regional Medical Center exists to address the spiritual needs of our patients and family members and the hospital staff.  Spiritual care is offered 24/7 through our Staff Chaplain and approximately 40 Pastoral Care team members consisting of Volunteer Chaplains and lay Pastoral Care volunteers. Some of our areas of involvement include the following:

Patient Visitation:

  • Ministry of presence (i.e. routine patient and family visits)
  • Supportive listening and prayer
  • Sacramental needs (e.g. communion, anointing of the sick)

Worship Opportunities:

  • Hospital Chapel available 24/7 for personal use and for weekly prayer service
  • Spiritual Care Series (seasonal)

End-of-Life & Grief Support:

  • End-of-life care & bereavement support for patients, family members and staff
  • No One Dies Alone (NODA) program for end-of-life patients without family support
  • Monthly Suicide Survivors Support Group – CONNECTIONS

Liaison to Area Faith Communities:

  • Provide contact with patient’s own clergy and/ or faith community
  • Annual Pastor’s Appreciation Breakfast and periodic pastoral care training events

Disaster Response:

  • Offer spiritual and emotional support following hospital or community-wide disasters
  • Support provided by Community Crisis Response Team (CCRT) and MRMC Pastoral Care Team

Volunteering opportunities are available!

To become a valued member of our volunteer team, please contact the Volunteer and Senior Services today for more information.

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